About JCS & Company

The Julian C. Scruggs and Co. was founded in 1932, and has serviced the distributor trade in the Southeast continuously since that time from its home office in Nashville, Tennessee. Julian C. Scruggs, Sr. took on Jim Farrell as a partner in the late 1940’s. Upon the death of Julian C. Scruggs, Sr. the business was sold to Julian C. Scruggs, Jr. and Jim Farrell. Julian C. Scruggs, Jr. had a total of four partners over a period of 30 plus years. All of these people retired from the agency after many years of service.

The company is now owned by four partners who have a combined total of over 100 years of experience in the sales and marketing of products to many different trade classes.

We represent products to the following markets- Industrial, Mill Supply, Contractor Supply, Hardware, Plumbing Wholesale, Tool Houses, Safety Distributors, Farm Supply, Home Centers (Big Box), and Paint Sundries.

The basic philosophy of the company is that quality representation can best be provided through complete customer and product knowledge and with long term relationships with customers and factories. The stability of the company is demonstrated by the fact that our company has represented several of our factories in excess of forty years.