Serious Cleaning Power

For more than 50 years, Gunk®, the industry leader and most trusted name in engine cleaning and degreasing, has provided optimum cleaning and degreasing solutions to tackle the toughest grease, grime and gunk throughout the garage. Manufactured by RSC since 1959, Gunk cleaners and degreasers are renowned in the automotive industry for tackling all levels of grease and grime. Today Gunk offers more than 50 powerful products for the automotive, aftermarket, industrial and DIY markets. From cleaning dirt, dust and road grime to eliminating extreme grease and oil, Gunk products offer a variety of solutions to tackle customers’ specific needs. In addition to engine cleaning and degreasing, Gunk provides cleaning products for automotive parts, including brake, carburetor and glass cleaners designed to clean and repel against the toughest dirt and grease. To find the right Gunk cleaner or degreaser for your next project, visit

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Liquid Wrench
Lubricants and Penetrating Oils that keep your equipment and tools working

Since 1941 Liquid Wrench® has been making premium lubricating, penetrating and protecting products for people who know that their choice of tools can make all the difference. Now, with a full line of greases including Multi-Purpose, Marine, Trailer and High Temperature Wheel Bearing formulas, Liquid Wrench has the broadest line of specialty lubricants to fit your unique project's needs. For those who don’t just do things, they do them right. For people who know that one tool cannot be used for all jobs. That’s why we like to say, there’s a wrench for every job. A Liquid Wrench, that is. Find the right wrench for your project at


Acute leak repair solutions that work…it’s where we started

Starting in 2012, RSC Chemical Solutions will rebrand our broad line of more than 100 acute leak repair chemicals under one brand, TiteSeal®. Titeseal leak repair products provide powerful solutions for the toughest leaks, from tire punctures to radiator to industrial sealants to engine leaks. For more than 86 years, we have been the leader in leak repair technology. We pioneered radiator sealant chemical solutions in 1924 and have been out front in chemical leak repair solutions for vehicle and home ever since. 


Maintenance chemicals for your vehicles that deliver maximum protection for longer life

Starting in 2011, RSC Chemical Solutions will rebrand our broad line of more than 300 vehicle maintenance chemicals under one brand, MotorMedic®. MotorMedic is the brand you can trust to maximize your vehicle's performance. From motor flush to engine and oil additives, MotorMedic provides a full line of performance and maintenance chemical products to keep your vehicle running for years to come. Since 1924, we have been designing and formulating innovative chemical solutions to keep your engine running longer and your vehicle on the road. 

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